Superspeed is an unknown animal. He is a fan of Black Spy from Spy vs Spy, note his shirt. He is a brony and watches MLP: FiM a lot.

Superspeed isn't very lucky as he tends to seeing his friends die in front of him or being killed by Cub. He is known on HTF Social as Rocko. Superspeed passed all his classes because of lucky 1 point. His stupidity will be shown later. He also killed someone when he moved to HTF town. Superspeed isn't very smart, so he thinks Lumpy is smart. He is friends with Trippy and Robo Star. He is also in love with Fiora.

Most of his deaths involve explosions.

Superspeed's EpisodesEdit

Starring RolesEdit

  1. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (1969)

Featuring RolesEdit

  1. TBA


  1. TBA


  1. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee: Chopped by a helicopter.