Spoke on marry go round
Spoke is a light blue squirrel who is the son of Splendid. He usually likes Splendid so much he wishes he were a superhero himself. Spoke and Splendid usually like to help each other from dying, ex. Splendid saved Spoke from falling from a building once, Spoke saved Splendid from kryptonut and brought him to the hospital once.

Spoke also likes merry-go-rounds. Splendid once looked over Spoke on a merry-go-round to make sure he is safe.

Spoke, unlike other characters, when Splendid saves him, he usually tries his best to be careful from killing Spoke.

Spoke wears a black hat all the time, in which hiding his ears. He also always wears a superhero mask, supporting his want to be a superhero like Splendid.