Pierce is a green-and-black porcupine with a black skull shirt, pointed buckteeth, and face piercings. He enjoys listening to Rock n' Roll music and going to concerts.

Pierce has a punk-like personality. He likes to poke people with his quills and give wedgies. He has a short temper and usually beats up anyone who disturbs him (though he doesn't flip out like Flippy). However, he does have a good side of himself, which is shown on rare occasions. He sometimes tries to attract or impress girls.

Pierce never kills characters intentionally. He almost always accidentally kills characters in attempts to bully them.

Pierce's EpisodesEdit

  1. Gimmy My Lunch Money (1969, with Sniffles)
  2. Puffing Paint (1977, with Puffy and Minttles)
  3. Experimentickle (1978, with Britton and Meaty)
  4. Walking On Eggshells (1980, with Hatchy and Minttles)
  5. Milk Of The Cow-ard (1981, with Flaky)
  6. Your Biggest Fan (1982, with Trippy)
  7. Strike (1984, with Trippy, Superspeed, Robo Star, Bulky, and Hoppy)
  8. Best Of Brute-ish (1984, with Bulky and Hoppy)
  9. Out To Lunch (1986, with Hippy and Licky)
  10. Mark Of Retribution (1987, with Josh)
  11. Locked In (1990, with Sniffles)
  12. Sleepy-time's Over (1991)
  13. Bully Gets Bullied (1991, with Thirsty and Robo Star)
  14. Pipe Down (1992, with McPipes and Josh)
  15. Country Rock (1992, with Howdy and Lumpy)
  16. Black Eyed Bully (1997, with Pranky)
  17. Past Tensed (2000)
  18. Smash Hit (2002, with Pow Pow)
  19. Ant-i Bullying (2007, with Sniffles)
  20. Frenemy With A Horn (2009, with Fanny)


  1. In Simpsons episodes, he takes place of Otto.