Season 1Edit

  1. Happy Tree Friends Roasting On An Open Fire: After Cuddles spends Lumpy's christmas bonus on tattoo removal surgery, Lumpy has to get it back.
  2. Cuddles The Genius: After swapping tests with Nutty, Cuddles is told he's a genius and gets sent to another school.
  3. Lumpy's Odyssey: After saving Cuddles, Giggles, Petunia, and Cub from a car accident, Lumpy becomes a safety inspector.
  4. There's No Disgrace Like Home: After a party at Truffles' house, Lumpy, Petunia, Cuddles, Giggles, and Cub complain that they aren't normal.
  5. Cuddles The General: Cuddles stands up to Flippy.
  6. Moaning Giggles: Giggles is sad, will she cheer up.
  7. The Call Of The Happy Tree Friends: The HTFs go camping.
  8. The Telltale Head: Cuddles accidentally cuts the head off the statue of the town founder.
  9. Life On The Fast Lane: Petunia goes bowling.
  10. Lumpy's Night Out: After Cuddles takes a picture of Lumpy dancing with Pride, he (Lumpy) gets in trouble.
  11. The Crepes Of Wrath: An evil Tree Friend replaces Cuddles while Cuddles goes to france and gets pushed around by two nasty Tree Friends.
  12. Mime Gets Busted: Nippy frames Mime for robbery.
  13. Some Enchanted Evening: Lumpy and Petunia go out and get a babysitter to babysit Cuddles, Giggles, and Cub. However, this babysitter is evil

Season 2Edit

  1. Y U So Meme?


The starring characters are seen coming out of a bush.

  1. Lumpy looks stupidly at the viewer.
  2. Cuddles waves.
  3. Petunia waves while leaning to one side.
  4. Giggles comes out of the bush with her hands on her crotch.
  5. Cub waves both of his arms.
  6. Flippy salutes.
  7. Mime makes a gesture with his hands.
  8. Nippy waves.
  9. Sniffles looks at the viewer.
  10. Goosta waves.