Kiwi is a green-brown kiwi bird who lost her wings, with bandaged nubs in their place. She is colored in a similar manner to a kiwi fruit, especially her belly with small black spots resembling seeds.

Her biggest dream is to fly, but she gets frustrated when remembering her lack of wings.  But sometimes she forgets and jumps off massive heights. Due to this, she has somewhat of a daredevil-like attitude. At times of "flying", she may be saved by something in the air, while at others she may kill herself or others (mostly with her beak) upon landing on the ground.

Just like kiwi birds, she is incapable of flight, even if she still had wings. She also comes from New Zealand, as its flag is hung up near her house.


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  1. Cuddles The General


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  1. In Simpsons episodes, she takes place of Herman.