Crafty is an indigo lynx. Don't let her cuteness fool you, she has her secrets.

As her name suggests, she is very cunning and sneaky and is known for seducing other characters into falling in love with her, usually so she could get a hold of their possessions. She is also agile and quick, making her a great thief.

Crafty is quite vain about her looks and thinks she is the prettiest girl in HTF land, and her arrogance has gotten the best of her at times. She is known to paint portraits of herself. Though she wishes she had a bigger tail. She has made a few thoughts of getting tail enlargement surgery.

She frequently makes fun of Disco Bear every time he tries to flirt with her. She once pretended to date him, but only so she could steal his dance moves for an upcoming disco contest. She has somewhat of a friend-rival relationship with Lifty and Shifty.

Crafty's EpisodesEdit

  1. Trouble Double Crosser (1970, with Cuddles and Giggles)
  2. An Art Craft-y To See (1977, with Hippy)
  3. I Spa It First (1977, with Disco Bear and Lessy)
  4. For The Love Of Money (1986, with Lifty and Shifty)
  5. Broken Art-ed (1990, with Cloudy and Lessy)
  6. Beauty Work (2002, with Naples)
  7. Phresh Out The Runway (2006, with Winora)
  8. What A Pretty Pity (2007)